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Our Capsule Beds

Capsule bed idea has been around for many years. It originated from Japan intended to provide basic lay over accommodation for those who doesn't want to pay big bucks for the service they get from hotel, yet want something better. 

This idea got further developed over the years and here we are. We no longer provide just "basic" accommodation. However we have not forgotten what the basics were. 


Let's start with the basics.

At Pod Inn, we have two types of Capsule beds for you to choose. There are side entrance beds (1m x 2m) and superior side entrance beds (1.6m x 2m). All of the capsules beds have either privacy blinds or a swipe card doors. To prove that we have not forgotten the basics, we provide comfortable mattress, hotel grade pillows and quilts, to ensure you have the best rest before the adventure. 

Capsule beds today are fitted with more technology. *In each capsule bed, we have dimmable and adjustable LED lights, adjustable ventilation, USB charger ports, clock, mirror, digital safe and foldable laptop desk.  For safety reason, all our capsule beds are also fitted with smoke detector. 

* Specification varied from different types of bed.

Why Choose Capsule Beds

First of all, capsule beds are at affordable price per night. Although the price may vary from season to season, but at Pod Inn, we promise to keep our pricing reasonable.

Capsule beds are stacked and arranged in a dormitory. You will get to know your dorm mates. When you need you privacy, drop your privacy blinds and door and you have it! 

They are miniature hotel rooms. Guests can control their own lights and ventilation to suit themselves in the capsule beds. Not having to worry about disturbing some other guests, or to be disturbed during your rest. 

At Pod Inn, all guests' rest is our top priority. Hence why we provide good quality mattress, pillows, and quilts to our all valuable guests who stay with us.

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