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Capsule accommodation franchises 

We are here to help zealous investors to transform their property or current business into a futuristic, fun, trendy accommodation business.

After a year of running capsule accommodation, we strongly believe this concept is the trend of future budget accommodation. Not only providing what traditional hostel is already providing, we also provide guests with extra privacy. Email us today and we will get back to you! 

Why capsule accommodation?

Capsule accommodation is a low maintenance, yet high profit margin investment. It is also a step up from traditional hostel. Not only providing what traditional hostels have already providing, but also extra privacy, futuristic and fun experience. It has its own lighting controls, ventilation control, and privacy when you needed!  


Capsule accommodation is also a space efficiency concept, which means we can maximize the value of each M2 of your property. If you have a tight space, this may be the option for you!  

franchise requirement

Our requirements are simple. 

Franchisees will need to have a suitable property - we will identify the building with you.

Franchisees will have to be committed to build a successful business. - we will provide assistance.

Franchisees need to have ability to commit the required capital in order to make the it all happens! - we will assist in where we can! 

Work together 

We are committed to your business success. Your performance reflects on the brand, therefore we are committed to all of our franchise partners.


Ongoing supports will be provided to all our partners, whether its managerial to housekeeping supports, we are always here. If you are a new hotelier, fear not, we will help you to understand the industry and provide you with advice, mentor-ship and training. 

Sincerity, transparency and common trust are the pillars of the business success. We believe there is no other ways to build a successful business than respecting all of the partners .  

Franchise fee

We are proposing low franchise fee to make the franchise affordable and accessible for all potential investors. Franchise fee includes the cost of supply and installation of capsule beds, staff training, new signage, and assurance of your capsule accommodation is up and running without our interference, and advertising. On top of the franchise fee, you will be asked for a royalty fee at the end of each month based on your occupancy.


We are able to assist in planning, contract administration, consultancy, selection of staff, at an extra cost should you required. 

We provide ongoing management support

Your performance reflects on the brand. Therefore we are committed to all of our franchise partners by providing ongoing management support on every aspects. 

Get in touch to find out more

If you are interested in working together, don't hesitate to contact us for more details! 

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