House Rules

Do and Don't

For the interest of public safety, pleasant stays and experience of all our guests, Pod Inn came out with a list of Dos and Don'ts. 


   No smoking in the building and its compound.

   No drugs are tolerated in the property.

   No cooking on site. Microwave and hot water is provided.

   No food and drinks to be brought into capsule dormitory

   No aggressive and abusive behavior towards staff and any of the guests. 


   Respect others as you would to yourself

   Drink responsibly, know your limit.

   Keep access card with you, you will need to scan your card to gain access to the building and your capsule.

   Use headphones if you want your use your entertainment unit in your capsule.

   Lower your voice in the capsule dormitory.

   Be considerate to other guests.

   Keep your valuables with you at all times. Pod Inn will not be responsible for any personal possessions that are lost, stolen or misplaced in the property.

   Strictly one guest in each single capsule.

   Reuse your towel. One towel per guest will be provided for each stay, up to 3 days. Each additional towel will cost $3


Pod Inn would like to maintain its quality. At the same time to create a safe and friendly environment for guests and staffs to be in. We expect all of our guests read, understand  and abide the house rules. 

Pod Inn enforce ZERO tolerance to aggressive and abusive behaviors towards any of the staffs, guests; and negligence to our house rules. 

Staffs at Pod Inn may physically eject anyone who is constantly being rude to the others, and breaching the house rules without any warnings. Security personnel may be notified if the situation is beyond what staff can handle. All cost will be passed on to the guest. 

All guests agreed to pay indemnify fee for damaging properties including capsule beds, stolen goods, intellectual property, etc. Please keep your access card with you at all times. Fee may be charged should you misplaced your card, or required one of the staffs to retrieve your card during after hours.   

In case of emergency, please ring "000". Please familiarize yourselves to the escape route. Pod Inn may conduct fire and emergency drills periodically, we expect all guests to follow staffs' instructions to evacuate the building. 

Your safety and experience are in our priorities. Please respect and help one another if needed. We thank you for spending your time on reading and understanding our house rules and policies.