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Are you still thinking where can you go during your stay with us? Here below we have listed a few must see attractions around us. Make sure you wear your sunblock to protect yourself from the sun, and bring your camera to capture the moments while you are experiencing Launceston. 



* This guide is presented to you based on our knowledge and experience. All opinions and suggestions remain Pod Inn's. We sincerely hoping this guide is helpful to you. 

*All the suggestions below are ranked from the closest to the furthest from Pod Inn

* All photos are subject to copyright and used under permission.

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Royal Park

         |             450m |        5 mins  

78 Paterson St | Always open

Royal Park was originally home to military barracks. It has now been turned into a park which features barbecue area, skate park, play ground and outdoor exercise equipment. 

If you want a relaxing evening, then come and have a walk in the park. The sealed path in the park will lead you to Tamar river cruises and Launceston Seaport. 


Penny Royal Adventure

         |             750m |        10 mins  

1 Bridge Rd | 10:00am - 4:00pm (Mon - Fri) | 03 - 6332 1000

                        9:30am - 5:00pm (Sat - Sun)

Seeking for an adrenaline rush? Well, Penny Royal Adventure could lend you a hand. Not far from us, you can experience thrilling activities such as bungee jump, line zipping, rock climbing and much more. 

Give them a visit and show them how brave you are! 


Tamar River Cruise

         |             850m |        10 mins 

Home Point Parade, Launceston | 08:30 am | 03 - 6334 9900

What is the best way to explore Tamar river? Award winning Tamar River Cruises! Hop on board and leave your other stuff behind. They offer different cruise options. From 50 minutes Cataract Gorge Cruise to 4 hrs Batman bridge luncheon Cruise. 

If exploring by the water is your type, then we highly recommend you to check them out! 


Harvest Market

         |             900m |        11 mins 

71 Cimitiere St | 08:30 am (Sat) | 0417 352 780

Fresh food, patisserie, bread coffee, hot food.... You can find them all here every Saturday! 


This is one of the places where you can find the freshest local produce around Tasmania. If you don't wish to miss it, make sure you make time for it. 

Pst.. our favorite is almond croissants.. try them. ;)


James Boag's Brewery

               |             1km  |         12 mins / 5 mins 

39 William St Ln |  9:30am - 5pm (Mon - Fri) | 03 - 6332 6300

                            10:30am - 5pm (Sat - Sun) 

This historic brewery has given people an opportunity to be their guest on their fully guided tour. Want to know how award winning beers are crafted? Let them show you through their process. 

The highlight of the tour isn't just how the beers were crafted, but also get a taste of them with some of the best cheese in Tasmania. 

City Park Launceston

               |             1.3km  |       16 mins / 5 mins 

45-55 Tamar St | 7:30am - 7:00pm | 03 - 6323 3000

This beautiful park features barbecue area, picnic area, conservatory, sealed walking trail, shelter area, rich historical feature, etc. 

Most interesting features for us were the macaque enclosures, where you will find many Japanese Macaque gifted by Ikeda City, Japan, when it become sister city with Launceston. 



               |             1.7km  |       21 mins / 7 mins 

2 Invermay Rd | 10:00am - 4:00pm | 03 - 6323 3777

If you are into art, history and natural science, Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery may be a good destination to include in your planning. 

QVMAG also show different exhibition from time to time. Make sure you check their website and see what is showing! 

Cataract Gorge Reserve

               |             1.9km  |       30 mins / 6 mins 

69 Basin Rd | 9:00am - 5:00pm | 03 - 6323 3000

They said, if you haven't visited Gorge, you have really visited Launceston. Cataract Gorge Reserve is one of the major destinations to visit in Launceston. It is home to the world's longest single span chair lift. 

We believe taking the chairlift is the best way to view the beauty of the basin. What do you think?


Somewhere Further but Definitely worth visiting.....


Tamar Island Wetlands Centre

        |             8.5km  |       12 mins 

West Tamar Hwy | 03 - 6327 3964

This place is located on the other side of the river. There is a interpretation centre, where offers opportunity for visitor to learn about wetlands. Also, there is a board walk which is about 500m long. At the end of the trail, there is seating area where you can sit down and relax with the peacefulness while enjoying the view. 


Grindelwald Swiss Village 

        |             8.5km  |       12 mins 

7 Waldhorn Dr, Grindelwald | 1800 817 595

Grindelwald Swiss Village is a Swiss theme resort established in 1980s. Swiss Village includes activities such as, water canoeing, mini golfs, shopping arcades where you will find gift stores and various cafe, etc. 

There is also a look-out point at Swiss village where you can look at the mountain range around Launceston. 


Tasmania Zoo

        |             18.3km  |       19 mins 

1166 Ecclestone Rd | 9:00am - 4:30pm | 03 6396 6100

This is the last on our list, but we think it is the most interesting place to visit! At Tasmania Zoo, you can find different creatures, from herbivorous to carnivorous, terrestrial to aquatic. We highly recommend you to check them out! 

The highlights for us are the Tasmanian Devils and big cats! Pay them a visit today, you won't be disappointed! oh.. don't miss their feeding time. 

This is not the end of launceston. there is much more than we can list on the page. please head to "discover tasmania" or "destination launceston" to find out more places you can visit this holiday.



* Opening time may change over the time. Please check out their websites for more accurate information.

* We do not partner with any of the suggestions mentioned above. All suggestions are mainly of Pod Inn knowledge and experience.

* We are grateful if this guide is useful as a reference to plan your trip. However, Pod Inn will not be responsible on any delays in your trip or your schedule. Please plan your trip ahead to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

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