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Food, drinks and entertainment remain a big part of any travels! Fret not, the prime location of Pod Inn allows you to reach your favorite cuisines in just seconds to minutes. The list below is a few of the restaurant and entertainment that we think you should go during your stay in Launceston. Check them out! 

Food and Drinks

* This guide is presented to you based on our knowledge and experience. All opinions and suggestions remain Pod Inn's. We sincerely hoping this guide is helpful to you. 

*All the suggestions below are ranked from the closest to the furthest from Pod Inn

* All photos are subject to copyright and used under permission.

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Morty's Food Hall

         |             100m |        2 mins  

25 Wellington St | 8:00am 

You do not have to worry about taking a spear and hunt for you meal after a day long adventure. Morty's food hall has different variety of food for you to choose from. Whether oriental or western cuisine, Morty's covered it all. 

Our recommendation: too many

Pricing : $

Saigon Vietnamese

         |             100m |        2 mins  

169 Brisbane St | 11:00am (Tues- Sun) | 03 - 6331 8562

Saigon Vietnamese is our favourite. They are only across the road and trust me, they serve authentic Vietnamese food.

Our recommendation: Grilled pork broken rice 

Pricing : $



         |             100m |        2 mins 

165 Brisbane St | 10:00 am | 03 - 6334 3985

If you are in a hurry, we also have KFC nearby. Not recommended for daily intake, but it's a sin you wouldn't want to live without. 

Our recommendation: Green salads

Pricing : $


Jail House Grill

         |             210m |        3 mins  

32 Wellington St | 5:30pm | 03 - 6331 0466

This handmade convict bricks restaurant is located further down Wellington Street from us. This place serve char-grill steak and guess what, free flow salad. Help yourself. 

Our recommendation: any steak at rare~medium

Pricing : $$


Charlie's Dessert House

         |             300m|        4 mins  

74 Charles St | 10:00am | 03 - 6331 7749

If you just want to give yourself a sweet treat after a long day of adventure. Then head to Charlies Dessert House. They serve some of the best dessert you can find around Launceston. We are sure you will love them! 

Our recommendation: The breakfast waffle

Pricing : $$

Somewhere good but takes a bit longer walk.....


Cataract on Paterson 

         |             450m|        6 mins  

135 Paterson St | 5:00pm | 03 - 6331 4446

This place serve steak on 400°C volcanic rock. You dinner couldn't be any fancier than this! You have total control on how you'd like your steak cooked. This doesn't not mean their chef can't cook. Check out their menu for more exciting dishes that tingle your taste buds. 

Our recommendation: Paddock to Stone +                                                 Seafood topper

Pricing : $$$


Black Cow Bistro

         |             550m|        8 mins  

70 Goerge St | 5:30pm | 03 - 6331 9333

If you are looking for a place that serves superb steak, check out black cow bistro. They serve only some of the best Tasmanian beef and Tasmanian wine in their restaurant. 

Our recommendation: Rib eyes to share +

                                    Roasted broccoli 

Pricing : $$$$


Dynasty Chinese Restaurant

         |             750m|        10 mins  

95 - 97 Canning St | 5:00pm | 03 - 6334 4399

This place is lavishly decorated with Chinese architecture elements. The food is amazing and cooked to be shared. This popular place gets busy often. Make sure you book a table before it's too late. If you can't get a table, don't worry, they do take away too! 

Our recommendation: Peking Duck 

Pricing : $$$

This is not the end of the list. We have more delicious food and drinks to be discovered around launceston. all of the suggestions above are of pod inn's and we hope it's helpful!



* Opening time may change over the time. Please check out their websites for more accurate information.

* We do not partner with any of the suggestions mentioned above. All suggestions are mainly of Pod Inn knowledge and experience.

* We are grateful if this guide is useful as a reference to plan your trip. However, Pod Inn will not be responsible on any delays in your trip or your schedule. Please plan your trip ahead to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

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