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If you are frustrated about what to bring home as a gift to your love ones, or forgot your toothpaste. Don't worry, shopping centres are just minutes away from us. If you are wondering what can you do during your chill time, we have a few suggestions listed here too! They are just at our door-steps! 

Shopping & entertainment

* This guide is presented to you based on our knowledge and experience. All opinions and suggestions remain Pod Inn's. We sincerely hoping this guide is helpful to you. 

*All the suggestions below are ranked from the closest to the furthest from Pod Inn

* All photos are subject to copyright and used under permission.

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Village Cinema

         |             100m |        2 mins  

163 Brisbane St | 03 - 6331 5066

What do you do if your favorite movie is on screen during your holiday? Well, village cinema is only 100m from us. 

Check out their website and see if your favorite movie is on screen today! 



         |             250m |        4 mins  

36 - 40 Wellington St | 6:00am | 03 - 6227 4839

Supermarket is only down the street. Whether or not you have left your toothpaste behind, or wanting to get some snacks to stock up your bag, go there. 


The Mall Launceston

         |             240m |        3 mins  

The Mall | 9:00 am 

This is the main shopping strip in Launceston. You can find our biggest department store there, as well as other shops. Whether or not you are to walk around, or wanting to choose some gifts for your friends and family back home. Go and have a walk and see if there is anything you can grab. 


         |             290m |        4 mins 

78 Charles St | 08:00 am | 03 - 6335 6200

This is another department store not far away from us. Check them out and see if there is anything you need. If you are one shopping frenzy mode, make sure you go through all departments.  


Brisbane Arcade

         |             500m|        7 mins  

64 - 108 Brisbane St 

Continuing The mall, Brisbane Arcade has some chained bakery and cafe. You can find camera shop there if you need extra memory card for your cameras. If you want to buy a local gift for your friends and family, visit the souvenirs and gifts shop while you're there. 

These are the major shopping places that is close to us. However, do not limit yourself to the list. there are plenty of other stores to check out.



* Opening time may change over the time. Please check out their websites for more accurate information.

* We do not partner with any of the suggestions mentioned above. All suggestions are mainly of Pod Inn knowledge and experience.

* We are grateful if this guide is useful as a reference to plan your trip. However, Pod Inn will not be responsible on any delays in your trip or your schedule. Please plan your trip ahead to avoid any unforeseen circumstances.

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